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Künstliche befruchtung IVF kinderwunschzentrum Tschechien Brünn

Ein unfruchtbares Paar wird als Frau und Mann definiert, bei denen es innerhalb eines Zeitraums von einem Jahr trotz ungeschützten Geschlechtsverkehrs zu keiner Schwangerschaft kommt. Unsere Arbeit beruht auf langjährigen Erfahrungen. Das Kinderwunsch zentrum Tschechien Sanatorium Helios entstand im Jahre 1994 und war eines der ersten ivf zentrum Tschechien Brünn Zentren in der Tschechischen Republik, das sich mit der Diagnostik und Behandlung von Unfruchtbarkeit beschäftigt.

Fecondazione assistita, inseminazione artificiale IVF Centro icsi Repubblica Ceca Brno

Sanatorium Helios Centri fecondazione assistita Repubblica Ceca e una struttura privata nel centro di Brno. E' stato fondato nel 1994 come uno dei primi centri nella Repubblica ceca ad occuparsi della diagnostica e cura dell'infertilita, pertanto il nostro Fecondazione assistita lavoro si basa su esperienze di lunga durata. Nello stesso edificio della clinica si trova la Pensione Luna dove possono alloggiare i nostri pazienti. Infertilita femminile Ci si trova anche il ristorante Leonardo che offre il menu della prima colazione e del pranzo.

Graphic design studio

Welcome to 321CreativePeople! We are an advertising agency and creative graphic design studio located in Czech Republic. We carry on with the role our country played throughout the history - we are building a bridge between the West and the East. Our specialty is a full-service approach which provides a complete presentation of your company - from logos, catalogs, websites, language versions, to international SEO and strategy for social networks and their management.

Accommodation Nove Mesto

It is situated in lovely village Tři Studně in the heart of Českomoravská vysočina – close to Nove mesto for accommodation. Virgin nature, deep woods, fishing and swimming in pond Sykovec, plenty of opportunities for summer and winter sports – all this made Tři Studně one of the most recognized tourist centers in Czech Republic. The newly renovated Vysočina Aréna provides visitors with an excellent cross-country race events. Guest House Tri studne is ideal for accommodation for Vysocina Arena visitors.

Rubber flooring and mats

The company was established as an entirely new enterprise in 1993. From the very beginning, it has been engaged in the production of molded rubber mats made of recycled tires, and this continues to be its principal area of business to this day. Our products serve as great playground flooring, noise barrier panels and vibration insulation as well as horse stable floors and walls.

Verkauf der elastische Produkte, Recyclinganlagen für Altreifen

Unser Unternehmen wurde im Jahre 1993 als ein ganz neuer Subjekt gegründet. Gegenstand unserer Tätigkeit war vom Anfang an die Herstellung von gepressten Gummiprodukten aus geschredderten Altreifen, die bis heute unsere Haupttätigkeit ist. Möglichkeiten der nutung der gummiprodukte sind Kinderspielplätze, Sportflächen und Stallmatten-pferdeställe.

Unterkunft und Zimmer Frei in Nove Mesto

Sie befindet sich in malerischer Ortschaft Tri Studne, im Herz des Českomoravská vysočina - nahe bei Nove Mesto na Morave für Unterkunft. Nicht beleidigte Natur, tiefe Wälder, Möglichkeit des Fischfanges auch baden im Teich Sykovec, reiche Erholungsangebot und Sportangebot in den Sommer- und auch Wintermonaten – das alles hat aus kleiner Ortschaft Tri Studne ein aus den bekanntesten Sport- und Erholungszentren in der Republik gemacht. Neu rekonstruierte Vysocina Arena gewährt den Besuchern Laufrennen vorzüglicher Zuschauerkomfort und andere Ergänzungsdienstleistungen.
Pension Luna: +420 541 235 781

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The Luna Guesthouse offers 6 double rooms and 1 triple room. All rooms are cosy and conveniently equipped with a cable TV, the Internet, a refrigerator and electrically controlled beds. Each room has its own bathroom. more info
Štefánikova 81/12
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

tel.: 00420 731 416 420
prim. MUDr. Pavel Texl
Head Team Physician and Managing Director
Mgr. Dušana Vránová
Main IVF Coordinator
Mgr. Iva Slámová
Head of Medical Genetics Laboratory
MUDr. Zuzana Bílková
Jarmila Slámová
MUDr. Jan Šula
Mgr. Soňa Kloudová, Ph.D.
Head of Andrology Laboratory
RNDr. Kateřina Okénková
Head of Embryology Laboratory
MUDr. Veronika Kováčová
MUDr. Jaroslav Kotrba
MUDr. Mojmír Fischer
MUDr. Věra Hořínová
Clinical Geneticist




Thanks to cooperation with the society Genea we are always a step ahead in comparison with the other centres and we offer our clients better chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy child.

As we announced last week, Genea, that we have been cooperating with for more than 10 years, presented their news in the field of assisted reproduction under the brand Genea Biomedx in London. We are going to introduce it soon in our labs as the first centre in Europe.


Why Sanatorium Helios


Infertility diagnosis

In most cases, the probable cause of infertility is discovered. Only about one fifth of them remain unexplained. However, even for these couples, the treatment or assisted reproduction can be successful.


Causes of infertility

The problem is often related to the woman. The truth is that 2/3 cases are caused by the male factor and less than a third by the female factor. In some cases, both partners participate in the couple's infertility, or it remains unresolved.


Genea (Sydney IVF)

In the Czech Republic, the treatment of infertility is associated with assisted reproduction at a level comparable to Western Europe. All centers of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic have, or should have, an internationally recognized quality certification known as ISO 9001.


Assisted reproduction

If pregnancies do not take place even after eliminating causes, or in the cases of disorders, which cannot be solved in another way, your physician may suggest to you one of the assisted reproduction methods.


The Cryoembryo Transfer (KET)

Cryopreservation (freezing) is a safe method of keeping embryos in cryo containers with liquid nitrogen at −196 °C. Two basic methods of cryopreservation are generally used: slow cryopreservation and vitrification.

Partner center for assisted reproduction

Sydney IVF genea
Sanatórium Helios SK

Your partner in the treatment of infertility

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