Information for the oocyte recipient (eggs)

All the patients/couples, who are interested donated oocytes, are first enlisted into the donor program. Waiting times and costs vary according to the scenario for which the patient (recipient) decides. In most cases it is only the time required to prepare your donor. We are able to perform the embryo transfer in 2-3 months after your first visit at our clinic. 

Based on our long term experience, we transfer only one embryo at the blastocyst developmental stage (5-6 days of cultivation). We do it to maximize our success rates of pregnant patients and your chances of getting pregnant. An average of about 1/3 of the embryos, which are of good quality on the 3rd day of their development do not reach the blastocyst stage. Therefore, we always perform extended culture in order to evaluate the quality and proper development of embryos, and to transfer embryosinto the uterus at proper time, ideály on the fifth day of their development.

To increase the success rate of getting pregnant by up to 30 %, we offer genetic testing of PGS/PGD.

There are 3 options:
Within this option, it is really necessary to collect your partner’s sperm and freeze it after your first visit. It will be much easier to plan ahead your transfer then. Furthermore, it is necessary to perform some tests on the sperm, such as sperm count, and sperm DNA assesment. This will enable us to select appropriate methods of fertilization. This examination and sperm freezing can be done within your first consultation with our IVF specialist.
After your donor‘s stimulation and egg collection, all the mature eggs are fertilized by your partner’s sperm, and then embryos at the blastocyst stage of good quality are frozen. Concerning the embryo recipient, i tis necessary to measure the height of her endometrium on the 14th day of the cycle before the embryo transfer. If everything is all right, the frozen embryo transfer into the recipient‘s uterus can take place on the 19th day of her cycle. The transfer will be your second visit to Sanatorium Helios.
We always fertilize at least 8 donated oocytes.

In Sanatorium Helios nearly 75% of all the cycles are cryocycles. This means that for the transfer we do not use a fresh embryo, and all the good quality embryos are frozen for possible futher usage. Our long-term results confirm that the quality of embryo is not affected by freezing at all, so you needn‘t worry about it. Uncoordinated cycles are even more comfortable and less stressful. Your transfer does not také place until the moment you know, that there is an embryo of good quality ready for you.

In this case the patient’s (recipient’s) cycle is coordinated with the one of the donor, who undergoes ovarian stimulation. The cycles are mutually coordinated coordinated, so the day of the oocyte pick up corresponds to the 14th day of the recipient’s cycle. On the very same day the retrieved eggs are fertilized with the partner’s sperm.  The resultant embryo is incubated until mature, usually for 5-6 days. Once the embryos mature, they are transferred to the patient’s uterus. In case more embryos suitable for transfer develop, these embryos can be frozen and used for another transfer in the future. The average success rate of cycles with donated eggs has been more than 70 % of pregnant patients in long terms – even with the introduction of only one embryo. Read more about our success rates.
This is a procedure concerning donated embryos made of donated eggs fertilized using donor sperm. If these embryos reach the developmental stage of qood quality blastocysts, they are frozen.
The patient is guaranteed to have at least 1  transfer of a high-quality embryo.
Information about your donor, or donors:
– age between 18 and 32
– negative clinical and genetic testing
– negative results of all required tests (HIV 1 and 2, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, blood group antibodies, genetic testing, in men we  also carry out tests for Chlamydia trachomatis)
– the blood groups of both donors is detected
– completed minimally secondary education
You can choose your donor according to the following criteria: appearance (eye colour, hair colour and quality, height and figure), education and blood group.
The price of each option includes: the costs of your donor‘s stimulation, medicaments needed for the stimulation, oocytes pick up, embryo culture until the 5th or 6th day, and compensation for the donor associated with their stimulation.
If you are interested, please contact us on +420 549 523 258 or use the attached web form, which you can find below. You can also arrange for a non-binding interview with our specialist.


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