Artificial intelligence in IVF

Artificial intelligence is increasingly reflected in almost all fields of human society. Assisted reproduction is no exception. Sanatorium Helios as well as other centers offers the possibility of AI for assessing the quality of the embryo.

Thanks to our long-term and close cooperation with the Australian company GENEA, we were the first clinic in the Sanatorium Helios in The Czech Republic and Slovakia to use GERI incubators since 2016. The software of these mini-incubators allows to analyze a large amount of data and information that could indicate the quality of the embryo and its ability to further develop and initiate a successful pregnancy.

It is therefore another possibility to assess the quality of the embryo – not only the evaluation of the eye of an experienced embryologist, PGT examination, but also with the help of so-called artificial intelligence.

During this year, there will be a total of 10 GERI incubators in all our centers, whose software is gradually learning the evaluation of individual parameters of embryo development and can evaluate the potential of the embryo completely impartially and objectively.

Only time will tell whether this evaluation will be reflected in the increased success of IVF cycles, but the results so far look very promising.

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