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IVF procedure with a low stimulation

Hallo!I need your help, please...i am 40 years old. My last Amh is 0.189 ng/mL and FSH 3.22 UI/L (after a PRP procedure...before was 0.060amh and 12 fsh). In last october (2019), after IFV procedure with a low stimulation i produced 3 follicles and 2 embryos on day 3,...

High level of DNA fragmentation of sperm and high FSH

My husband and I are looking at our options. We have done ICSI and 3 failed FET. We recently discovered my husband has high FSH levels and a high level of DNA fragmentation(approx 90%) of his sperm. It is unknown about the success rate of doing surgery to extract...

Conceiving with own eggs in 35

Hi there,I have just turned 35 years old and have low AMH at 0.7ng. My Day 2 FSH is 7.8 and estradiol is normal also. I've conceived two children naturally (one is now 4yrs and the other 2yrs) but i have been trying for a 3rd now for 1 year with no luck. My antral...

Toby and Matty

We are pleased to announce that our second son Matyas has been making us happy since mid-July 2020. And he has become a sibling to his brother thanks to your help… so we have two helios babies at home
We thank the whole team of Sanatorium Helios for everything and send all our love


We would like to thank all the employees of the Helios Sanatorium for their help on the way to our baby. Many thanks especially go to prim. MUDr. Texl, who with his optimism and human approach always gives a person the strength not to lose the hope. With your help, we finally experienced the miracle in the belly and in October 2020, our beautiful son Matthew was born.

We are family

, this way we would like to thank you once again for fulfilling our dream and the greatest happiness that can happen to two people who love one another, and that is the Family !!!


We would like to thank you for helping us with our coveted baby. The transfer with you was successful on the first try and we still have one embryo frozen 🙂 Meda is a beautiful, healthy little girl and we are happy with her, which cannot be expressed in words.


We would like to inform you that our beautiful and healthy son Jacob was born. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to our happiness and joy.


We would like to thank your sanatorium for perfect care, patience and top professional help.
Thanks to your amazing work, Simonka was born to us. We are and always will be really grateful. We will definitely go to you again for the next baby. Thank you once again.


Good morning, we would like to inform you that our son Matt was born. He weighed 3200 g and had a length of 51 cm. Thank you once again for all the care and kind treatment leading to a successful pregnancy and the subsequent birth of a healthy baby boy.


Hi.We would like to take this opportunity to thank your sanatorium for the care and assistance in fulfilling our dream, which was born yesterday. His name is Eduard and he is lively towards the world.

Our joy Tommy

Dear dr. Texl, dear staff of the Helios Sanatorium, My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the indescribable joy we received thanks to your help. On June 11, 2020, our beloved son Tom was born. My husband and I have been trying for...

Our cutie

Hello, we would like to thank you very much. Thanks to you, our baby boy was born in June 2020 🙂

Little brother

We are extremely happy that we have a second healthy son already at home in his cradle, that we have a brother for our elder son, who wanted him so much and waited for him for several long years. His wish came true just one week before his 8th birthday 🙂

Cute Adam

We truly thank the staff at the Sanatorium Helios Brno for their professional help on the way to the coveted baby. We are happy, proud parents thanks to you 😊

Our wonderful baby

Wishing you a nice day,we would like to thank you for guiding us on our way to the coveted baby. A beautiful little girl Annie was born to us with a weight of 3640 g and 51 cm, after 4 years of struggle. Your whole team has been professional and kind all...


Hello to the whole team of your clinic… 😊We wanted to thank you all very much for your patience and hope, thanks to which our ten-day happiness called Anita is now sleeping in her bed. 


Hello, we would like to thank the entire team of Sanatorium Helios for their professional approach and your work, which fulfills the dreams of many couples. Thanks to you, our greatest treasure is with us One embryo, the only chance and it succeeded. Rudko...


Hello 😊 I would like to thank to all the doctors and coordinators for our little happiness, which was born to us on May 4, 2020 (3520 g, 52 cm). Her name is Zorka.


Hello, we would like to thank the whole Sanatorium Helios team for their help. Our love Natalie (3650g and 52cm) has been here and makes us very happy for 3 months already. We wish you many more successes!

Little Cookie

Dear Helios team, you have fulfilled our dream, even though earlier then expected our beautiful son, Alfie was born. Where we live, we were told that we do not have a chance to have a baby naturally and even with IVF chances for us were pretty much non...

Our Princess

We would like to thank Mr. Pavel Texl, doctor in chief, for our beautiful little girl and wish the whole team of Sanatorium Helios many other successes in their meaningful work, which makes many couples happy 😊

Our Honey

Thank you for the hope, thank you for great approach 😊 and for fulfillment of our dream😊

Our love Oliver

Hello, we would like to thank you very much for fulfilling our greatest wish. Thanks to you our love Oliver was born on 29. 1.2020 3500 g and 50 cm. Thank you very much😊

Sweet baby

Hello, so for the second time thank you very much for a beautiful boy, who was born to us on 1. 3. 2020 with a weight of 4190 g😊


Hello, we would like to thank you very much for fulfilling our greatest dream. Thanks to you healthy son Peter (3 200 g, 48 cm) was born. After 8 years of waiting and after two unsuccessful IVFs at another clinic, we nearly stopped hoping, but thanks to...

Stella and Tamara

Hello, we would also like to contribute a photo of our beautiful and healthy baby girls who are here with us thank to you 😊 Thanks to the whole team of Sanatorium Helios beginning from smiling receptionists, willing IVF co-ordinators, to doctors...


Hello, we want to thank you from all our hearts for our treasure, which we finally hold in our arms.Annette was born on January 10th, 2020 and she is the best baby ever.It was the first attempt and from one surviving embryo.Thank you again for our FAMILY!...

Our Oliver

"My last IVF was different in everything. Only in Helios they did a really detailed examination, that could find a problem and then solve it. They didn't test what works or not, they went for sure. So instead of a short protocol I had a long one, I had no...


Hi, we would like to thank the whole professional team at the Sanatorium Helios. Our great luck, daughter of Lillien, was born with a weight of 2790 g and 49 cm. We wish many other successes to the clinic😊


Hallo,we would like to express big gratitude for fulfilling our greatest dream ❤️ our beautiful little girl Nina (3510 g, 51 cm) was born. We are very happy with all the care. Thank you again for everything! ❤️  ...

Our Davie

Davie 4000 g a 52 cm ❤️Thank you so much ..we wish you many successful transfers in 2020!  


This is our sunshine, Raf.Many thanks to all of you!  


Hello,we would like to thank the whole professional team of Sanatorium Helios. Our great luck, daughter of Lilly, was born with a weight of 3690 g and 52 centimeters 😊Special thanks to Dr. Jakub Texl. We wish to your clinic many other successes.  ...


Hallo,we want to say a great thank you for the miracle, that you have created. Our first IVF attempt, the only blastocyst - and we have our son Phillip (3450 g, 50cm).  


Hallo,on 1st October 2019 our little angel Lucas was born, he was weighing 4250 g and measuring 52 cm.We waited two and a half years… and we never stopped trusting. And thanks to you our dream came true. We are wholeheartedly grateful 

Little Elisabeth

Greetings,thanks to you our beautiful daughter Elisabeth was born. After eight years of effort before the treatment. Everything was excellent, our little girl was born 2 days before the due date, her weight 3120 g. 😊Thank you to your clinic for...

Little Radim

Hello again, during the short time our Radimek has grown up so much! He is a year and a half now, and we are very happy about him. 


We would like to thank wholeheartedly to Sanatorium Helios in Brno, thanks to which we have our dream son Oliver. Acknowledgments to MUDr. P. Texl, MUDr. J. Texl and MUDr. Z. Bílková, who took care of us primarily, as well to the whole team of Sanatorium...


Hallo, I would like to thank very much to you all. I underwent a transfer of our only embryo that you have helped to create for us. My husband and I turned on the positive thoughts and started to believe that our only one is a great fighter. And we were...


We would like to thank you very much for our sweetheart. His name is Tobias and he's a good guy: 4180 g and 55 cm. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. 

Our baby boy

Good morning!We would like to report you that on August 13, healthy boy Adam was born to us, measuring 51 cm and weighing 3460 g.


Hello, we would like to thank all the team of Sanatorium Helios for helping us fulfill our big dream. Thanks to you, we have been enjoying an incredible joy with our son Tom for already two months. We appreciate your professional and empathetic attitude...


We would like to thank you, thanks to your help our son was born 3550g/52cm   


I would like to thank the whole team for helping us fulfill our big dream. Our huge gratitude. Our princess Mia  


Thea2570 g, 48 cm,  Thank you    

Our daughters

Our daughters Theresa and Katherine  Thank you for such a wonderful gift   


Thank you very much  we have become the happiest parents in the world   

Our Lucky

Thank you for the happiness that has come into our lives...  


Hello,thanks to you we have our little Terezka. Thank you. When we came to you, we were desperate. Thank you so much from the whole heart. We've been waiting for 5 years ... It's beautiful .Many thanks the whole team, you are amazing ...  ...


With respect and kindness, let us all thank you from all our hearts - first and foremost to MUDr. Texl and his entire team of SANATORIUM Helios, spol. s r.o. Brno, for the most beautiful gift we could get in our life - for our DANNY. For the fact, that we...

Elisabeth – 1 year

Beautiful day... I'm sending a photo of our one-year-old Elisabeth. We are extremely grateful, we enjoy every day. It is our miracle that we have thanks to you. Greetings to prim. MUDr. Texl and the team 


We thank the entire team, dr. Texl, and all nurses for helping us fulfill our big dream. Thanks to you, our dream son Adámek was born, thank you very much!   


Let us thank you using this way for helping us fulfill our dream of being parents. Today, thanks to you, I am holding my almost 4-months-old son Chris.  Thank you very much, we are a complete family and we are happy 🙂  


Thank to you, our little boy Christopher was born. Many thanks to you!  

Little Lucy

Little Lucy, two and a half months old  🙂  

Our desirable baby

Many thanks to everyone from Sanatorium Helios, who has helped us to have our baby of desire. Thank you for your care, patience and empathy. We wish all your clients, that their way towards the baby is successful. Thank you very much, we are happy, that...


Thank you very much for our dream, that has come true! Thank to you, our sonnie Paul was born: 3310 g 47 cm Biggest thanks to dr. Pavel Texl    


We would like to express many thanks to the team of Sanatorium Helios for fullfilling of our dream  


Dear Mr Texl, we would like to thank you and your clinic for your the great help in fulfilling our dream. In the middle of April, 2018, our son Radim was born to us, 3790 g, 51 cm. We wish you many successes!


Hello, thanks to all team  members under the leading by dr. Texl, especially dr. Alena Filková, who had taken care for us, we have become parents directly after 1. IVF / KET. Our boy: Simon ... 14. 4. 2018 ... 3520g and 50cm.


We would like to thank to every member of the SANATORIUM HELIOS team and, above all, to doctor Texl. After our first attempt, our beloved Jack was born. His weigh was 3370 g and he was 49 cm long. We can recommend your clinic to everyone.


Hello, I want to thank to Helios Sanatorium so very much for being the happiest mom in the world.


Our big THANK YOU !!! GRAZIE !!! we cannot express enough the joy that we are really experiencing! This is the treasure we found at your clinic  Paolo, September 2017, 51cm - 3490g We wish you many successes like this one!


We want to thank so much to the entire Sanatorium Helios Team, thanks to whom we could become the proud parents of our little Sebie. Our journey to happiness has lasted 5 years, when we underwent 6x IVF in another center, and then we found your clinic...

Jack and Matty

A half-year ago, thanks to your sanatorium I brought to world my two wonderful sons, many thanks to all the staff. You are really the right people in the right places.


Hello, I report about the birth of another of "yours" babies 🙂


Hallo, thanks to you, our little girl Alexandra was born to us. We want to thank the whole team for making us parents.


Hallo, thanks to you, our daughter Nathalie was born on July 17th, 2017 with 3150 g and 50 cm ... The embryo we transferred exactly on October 17th 2016 :-)) THANK YOU.


Hello, on May, 14th, 2017 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy Andrew (4160 g and 54 cm). THANK YOU !!


Hello, maybe for a hundred times I wanted to write to thank you and tell you how very proud and happy we are. So finally today ... Me and my husband, we have successfully undergone artificial fertilization and on April, 5th, 2017, a beautiful little girl...


Many thanks to the entire Helios Sanatorium team, thanks to you, we could have become the proud parents of our David. Our journey to our happiness had lasted 5 years, 3 IVF and 7 transfers in another center and in Helios, it was on just the first attempt!...

Our little girl

Hello, we are sending a photo of our girl to you - you have done a great job! First attempt of IVF in Helios  

Sanatorium Helios Celebrates 25th Anniversary


During this time we have helped thousands of couples to fulfill

their dream to have their desired children.


We are grateful and happy that you share the joy of your children with us.

Thank you!


Happy Easter

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with piece, love and cheer!
Happy Easter to you!
prim. MUDr. Pavel Texl and the whole team