Embryo donation

Donor embryos are the one of the possibilities of assisted reproduction where an egg donor and a sperm donor donate to the infertile couple – the recipients to enable them to beget the offspring. Couples that need a donated embryo cannot use the partner’s egg or partner’s sperm for various reasons.

There is a number of cases when a couple gets in such a situation. Embryo donation solves this problem.

Who is it for?

The embryo donation program is intended for couples where women do not produce any eggs of their own, or only a small number. These are women who have not developed their ovaries correctly, women with premature ovarian failure, or elder women during menopause. All this in combination with the male factor, where there are no own sperm for standard methods of fertilization.

  • Women produce poor quality eggs. Such eggs are not capable of fertilization, or embryos derived therefrom stop in development during their cultivation, again in combination with the male factor.
  • One or both of the couple are carriers of hereditary disease. On the basis of a genetic examination some of the chromosomal aberrations (change of structure or number of chromosomes) or monogenic diseases were detected, which can be transmitted to the offspring. It is also possible that, for example, one or both of the couple have undergone some types of chemo- or radiotherapy. In combination with the above, whole donor embryos should then be used.

Embryo donation – information for recipients

In the case of a donated embryo, it is an embryo in the blastocyst stage, which was created by the fertilization of the eggs of the anonymous donor by the sperm of the anonymous donor. In this form of donor program we guarantee embryotransfer of 1 quality embryo.

At the beginning of the process, a couple applying for embryos will complete a questionnaire to determine the criteria for selecting an egg donor and a sperm donor (blood type, hair color, eye color, character type, etc.). Based on this information, we will begin to search for suitable donors for the couple.

For all donors we perform all legislatively required examinations, ie blood tests, genetic examinations and gynaecological examinations for egg donors.

Both donors are in the age range between 18 and 34 years and have Czech or Slovak citizenship, European appearance and at least secondary school education.

Egg and sperm donation is legally mutually anonymous in The Czech Republic.

You can discuss details about donated embryos with our IVF specialist or co-ordinator.

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