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The egg donation programme is designed for women, who:

  • do not produce eggs of their own, or produce only small quantities of them. It concerns women, whose ovaries have not developed properly, women affected by premature ovarian failure, or elder women during menopause.
  • produce eggs of poor quality. Such eggs are impossible to be fertilized. Incidental embryos formed out of them will stop developing. This usually applies to women over 40, and to women, who had repeatedly unsuccessfully undergone IVF treatments using their own eggs. 
  • are carriers of hereditory conditions. Based upon genetics examinations these women have been detected to have chromosomal abnormalities (change in the structure, or number of chromosomes), or monogenic diseases, which can be passed on to their offsprings).
  • have undergone surgeries, during which they had both their ovaries removed.
  • have undergone some types of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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