Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a method of assisted reproduction especially suitable for men with normal semen analysis parameters or with mild forms of infertility (slightly reduced sperm motility or morphology) and in some cases of minor forms of female infertility. Insemination is performed during the period of ovulation, in most cases it takes place after the partner’s previous hormone treatment.The sperm is separated from seminal plasma by careful processing, and thereby their activities are increased.

The washed and concentrated sperm is then applied into the uterine cavity through a small catheter. Thereby the obstacles for the sperm can be overcome. 

IUI success rate is less than 10 % per cycle.

In more serious cases of male infertility in which it is not possible to carry out insemination by a partner’s sperm, a donor’s sperm can be used. Donor insemination (assisted intrauterine insemination AIUI) is still available, but today we also know methods of assisted reproduction that enable us to overcome even very serious cases of male infertility.

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