Egg and sperm retrieval

Egg collection

Collection of eggs (oocytes) is performed under general anesthesia 34-36 hours after application of the hormone hCG (Pregnyl).

Under ultrasound control, a needle is inserted into the ovaries through the vagina, through which the fluid is sucked out of the follicles together with the eggs. This is a short procedure, after which the patient goes home with an escort after 2 hours.

The number and quality of eggs are evaluated immediately after collection in the embryological laboratory. Approximately 3-4 hours after collection, the maturity of the eggs is evaluated and the mature eggs are fertilized.

Sperm collection

Sperm collection is performed on the same day as egg collection. Sperm collection is performed by masturbation in a quiet separate collection room, if necessary with a partner. Collection can also be performed outside our facility – the semen container and information on the correct handling of the collected semen must be obtained in advance in the andrology laboratory.

The procedure is performed in case of disruption of sperm transport between the epididymis and the urethra. If formed, sperm may also be obtained from the sperm ducts germinal epithelium. The procedure is performed if the sperm are unable to release or transport from the testicle to the epididymis. This method is called TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction) – it is a surgical collection of testicular tissue from which sperm are extracted.

Sperm from frozen batches can also be used to fertilize the egg. Before chemotherapy or after TESE, sperm can be frozen and thawed at the required rate on the day of egg collection and used for fertilization.

The obtained eggs can also be fertilized with sperm from an anonymous donor, but this should always be the last option.

If sperm are not obtained on the day the eggs are collected, the eggs can be very successfully frozen and thawed when the sperm are available. However, the age of the woman and thus the quality of the eggs play an important role.

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