Our Success Rates

It is true that all IVF centers do not operate the same way. They do not have the same procedures, they do not use the same materials and devices, and their staff have not had their training of the same quality, and they do not produce embryos of the same quality. The price you pay for IVF is more or less similar everywhere in the Czech Republic.

The health insurance companies also pay the same amount of money to all the centers. But your chance to fulfill your dream to get pregnant and to give birth to a healthy child, varies considerably, which can be clearly demonstrated on the data available on Czech IVF centers’ websites. 

We always try to explain and clarify our results and reveal our data as much as possible. We conclude from our long experience and the experience gained in cooperation with the global leader in the field of IVF research by the Australian company Genea, whose exclusive licensing agreement we own for nearly 15 years.

Each of the IVF clinics provides the results / success differently. For clear idea we present the results of positive pregnancy tests (G +), clinical pregnancies with proven fetal heart activity (ASP +) and births (P). Unfortunately, we are not capable to get complete data on births, especially from foreign patients, so it is possible that the success rate is even slightly increased.