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The trust of our patients is binding for us. As professionals, we always do our best to fulfill their desire for parenthood.

In Sanatorium Helios we struggle to select for a specific couple such specific methods and processes that we trust and with those we have a proven positive impact on the success of IVF cycle.

Our employees are highly qualified and experienced professionals who take their work as a mission.

They have at their disposal the most advanced devices and technologies that are available to our clinic thanks to constant investments and cooperation with the world leader in the field of IVF technologies, the Australian group Genea.

Our success rates rank us among the best IVF clinics in the world, even though we are often approached by couples with a very complicated history, which unfortunately failed in other clinics:

  • From the transfers that took place in 2019, every second patient and recipient of donated eggs gave birth.
  • In one IVF cycle, we obtain an average of 3 quality blastocysts. During the first 3 transfers, more than 70 % of patients give birth.
  • We perform nearly no fresh transfers, we always introduce only one embryo and we prefer the transfer in the natural cycle – frozen ET.
  • The success rate of births after the first frozen embryo transfer is 57.8 % in patients under 35 years of age and 47 % in patients aged 35-39 years.
  • After one transfer of an embryo, which has passed PGT-A examination, 67.9 % of patients gave birth.
  • Every year we add more elderly patients, in 2019 we had 15.5 % of patients aged 40 and over. The success rate of births in this group of patients is up to 15 %.
  • To study all our results for 2019 in more detail, click on the following link:

IVF SUCCESS RATE 2020 to download here 

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