Treatment of female infertility

Once a diagnosis is determined, the treatment can be initiated.

If ovulation takes place regularly and without trouble, then optimal timing of sexual intercourse is a possibility for successful fertilization (the suitable time is selected according to the basal temperature and an ovulation test).

Women, who produce eggs irregularly or not at all, undergo hormonal therapy to induce ovulation. They are given a hormonal product that indirectly stimulates the ovaries to release eggs.

Cervical sterility (poor cervical mucus) – cervical mucus changes throughout the month depending on the production of steroids – estrogen and progesterone. Just before ovulation, the mucus becomes permeable to sperm. If the cervical mucus is too thick, or in the cervix an infection or antisperm antibodies develops in the cervix, mucus can act as a kind of barrier against sperm and does not allow them to swim further into the female genital tract. Insemination (IUI) can solve the problem.

In the case of women with regular ovulation, causes of infertility (tubal post-inflammatory tubal adhesions, endometriosis, fallopian tube patency) can be removed by operation.

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