Restaurant Leonardo

Ristorante Leonardo
  • Located on the ground floor of Sanatorium Helios
  • Non-smoking air-conditioned restaurant
  • Breakfast menu
  • Lunch menu
  • We now offer “vital menu” (read more below)
  • Open from 7am to 3pm on weekdays 

Restaurant Leonardo has joined a project called  ‘Vitalizing cooking in catering establishments,‘ carried out by Mgr. Ivana Stenzlová – a professional biologist and expert on nutrition.

Vitalizing cooking is based on the use of high nutrient foods. It excludes industrially and chemically unmodified foods and uses only high quality oils and pure herbs and spices. Dishes are prepared to have a harmonizing effect on the body using the principles of traditional chinese medicine. Seasonal and local foods are a must for vitalizing cooking. Besides respecting the quality of food in terms of nutrition, it is also important to take into consideration the aspect of taste. Vitalizing cooking must convince you not only of its curative effect, but also its excellent taste.

We hope you enjoy your dining experience
The Leonardo Restaurant

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