IVF procedure with a low stimulation


I need your help, please…i am 40 years old. My last Amh is 0.189 ng/mL and FSH 3.22 UI/L (after a PRP procedure…before was 0.060amh and 12 fsh). In last october (2019), after IFV procedure with a low stimulation i produced 3 follicles and 2 embryos on day 3, which, after FET, were not implanted (the endometrium was too thin for fresh transfer).

Do you think I still have a chance with my own eggs through IFV?

Thank you very much


Dear Ms. Meghan,

thank you for your inquiry. 

My answer is, that your chances of gaining your egg are very small. You have even less chance of getting a quality embryo that will implant and grow.

You minimize this chance by performing minimal stimulation.

It would be better to reconsider the procedure and start thinking about using donated eggs.

I know you wished to hear something else, but this is my opinion.

Best regards

prim. MUDr. Pavel Texl

Head Team Physician and Managing Director

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