With respect and kindness, let us all thank you from all our hearts - first and foremost to MUDr. Texl and his entire team of SANATORIUM Helios, spol. s r.o. Brno, for the most beautiful gift we could get in our life - for our DANNY. For the fact, that we...

Elisabeth – 1 year

Beautiful day... I'm sending a photo of our one-year-old Elisabeth. We are extremely grateful, we enjoy every day. It is our miracle that we have thanks to you. Greetings to prim. MUDr. Texl and the team 


We thank the entire team, dr. Texl, and all nurses for helping us fulfill our big dream. Thanks to you, our dream son Adámek was born, thank you very much!   


Let us thank you using this way for helping us fulfill our dream of being parents. Today, thanks to you, I am holding my almost 4-months-old son Chris.  Thank you very much, we are a complete family and we are happy 🙂  


Thank to you, our little boy Christopher was born. Many thanks to you!  

Little Lucy

Little Lucy, two and a half months old  🙂  

Our desirable baby

Many thanks to everyone from Sanatorium Helios, who has helped us to have our baby of desire. Thank you for your care, patience and empathy. We wish all your clients, that their way towards the baby is successful. Thank you very much, we are happy, that...


Thank you very much for our dream, that has come true! Thank to you, our sonnie Paul was born: 3310 g 47 cm Biggest thanks to dr. Pavel Texl    


We would like to express many thanks to the team of Sanatorium Helios for fullfilling of our dream  


Dear Mr Texl, we would like to thank you and your clinic for your the great help in fulfilling our dream. In the middle of April, 2018, our son Radim was born to us, 3790 g, 51 cm. We wish you many successes!