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Miracles do happen

Hello, I would also like to share our story with a happy ending, actually two happy endings, because thanks to you it wouldn’t have happened ❤️ Miracles do happen. Perhaps one of the worst realizations for a couple wanting a baby is just the fact that they can’t have one.

My partner and I have also expanded our group of couples who have been unable to conceive for almost three years.
It was a very difficult time and despite futile attempts at another clinic, the baby still wasn’t coming to us. It is said that the soul of the baby chooses its parents and when it is ready it will come. Coincidence struck like a bolt from the blue in our lives when I saw an advice on IVF on the internet with an answer from Dr. Texl. I figured I wouldn’t spoil anything by trying to ask a question too. Worst case scenario, no one answers me. But the answer came, along with an invitation to the Helios clinic. We didn’t hesitate, it’s not far from Olomouc.

From the beginning everything was absolutely perfect, we were surprised by the kind and individual approach of everyone, including the chief physician, he attended to us as if we were his own 🙂 
Who hasn’t experienced such a situation, can’t imagine the pressure, nervousness, crazy fear, constant waiting for a miracle and just in these moments, the kind attitude of everyone from Helios alleviates the long wait and nervousness by a thousand percent. We succeeded in the first time and we had our longed-for baby boy Kubík. A miracle was born. But that’s not all🙏 there are never enough miracles and so 11 months after the birth I found out that we were expecting a second baby ❤️ completely naturally and unexpectedly and this April we got a little sister Terezka. And so, thanks to everyone at Helios, it turned out that miracles really do happen and our children are proof of that 🙂 .
So once again thank you very much for all your care and for two new lives in this world.
And to all future parents, don’t give up 🙏 it will happen even if you think it won’t.


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