CELSPAC for a healthy future

On Thursday, May 16, a seminar called “CELSPAC for a healthy future – the Brno Living Laboratory” was held in our clinic. The titular lecture was delivered by doc. RNDr. Petra Bořilová Linhartová, Ph.D., MBA from the Center for Research on Toxic Substances RECETOX. Her research activities focus on environmental genomics. As part of RECETOX, he is part of a team that works on important European projects and contributes significantly to the development of public health with his research.

The seminar was also attended by the doctors of the Helios Sanatorium – the head physician of the Oncology Prevention Center MUDr. Jakub Texl with the lecture “Colposcopic expertise”, the final lecture “Indications for IVF” then belonged to Prim MUDr. To Pavel Texl.

We thank all participating doctors for their interest and stimulating discussion!

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