Conceiving with own eggs in 35

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I have just turned 35 years old and have low AMH at 0.7ng. My Day 2 FSH is 7.8 and estradiol is normal also. I’ve conceived two children naturally (one is now 4yrs and the other 2yrs) but i have been trying for a 3rd now for 1 year with no luck. My antral follicle count ranges from 7 to 12 sometimes. Is there a chance IVF will be successful for me with my own eggs? Would you recommend a short or long protocol and aggressive or not?

If i went down the donor egg path with my husband is it possible to use an exclusive donor that can only donate once and not to other people (aside from any children the donor conceives naturally for themselves of course)… What is the wait time for donor eggs? And can you select hair and eye colour or only blood type…

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Dear Ms. Linda,

with the value of AMH 0.7 you should try IVF, there are chances to be successful with your own eggs, the FSH level is normal.

I would recommend a short protocol – 225 IU of Menopur + Diphereline.

To your question on donor exclusivity – this is what cannot be guaranteed. The donor may be chosen by the following criteria: appearance (colour of eyes, colour and quality of hair, height and type of body) and blood group.

We can also tell you whether this donor has already given a birth and reveal more details about her education.
Usually all this process takes around 2-3 months, there is no special waiting time.

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MUDr. Jakub Texl

MUDr. Jakub Texl


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