Might the birth control pill possibly be lowering the AMH level?


I am 22 years old and recently found out my AMH was low, or at 1.04 ng/mL and that my ovaries were pretty small. I got a second opinion and another blood sample and then it turned out to be 5.5 pmol/L. I am on the birth control pill and my doctor wants me to stop taking it and then do another sample during a natural period.

What I was wondering is if I need to make any precautions? Should I try freezing my eggs? I really want to have children in the future and I am really nervous that I won’t be able to with my own eggs in a few years.

Could the birth control pill possibly be lowering the AMH level? Can the contraceptives lower AMH? 

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Dear Ms. Agnes,

thank you for contactning us with your question.

AMH is independent on the cycle or contraceptive pills use, the result may by affected by – reduced obesity, smoking, alcohol … If we investigate AMH in ng / ml, normal values are 1-3ng / ml. Reduced inventory is with value under 1.0.

Converting to pmol / l by a coeficient of 7.14, so your 2nd blood sampling means a reduced level. Certainly it is done in another laboratory … The way of taking, transporting and examining the material is also important.

In the natural cycle 3. to 5. day the FSH, LH, and E2 levels shall also be investigated, these results will also provide an overview of ovarian function. I recommend a check up of AMH level (via blood sampling) after another 6 months. If the values are low, it will be appropriate to freeze the eggs.

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MUDr. Jakub Texl

MUDr. Jakub Texl


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