prim. MUDr. Pavel Texl

Educational seminar in Sanatorium Helios

On Thursday, 22. 6. 2017, we organized a seminar titled “Quality of Embryo Cultivation”.
Prim. MUDr. Pavel Texl in his lecture introduced the latest and most advanced mini-incubator GERI, which combines all the advantages of mini-incubators with time lapse, the function of continuous embryo scanning using small cameras.

Incubator Geri was ideated and created by Genea´s  fertility experts. (Genea World Leading Fertility)

Attention was also paid to the increasing average age of those couples who desire for a baby and come to Sanatorium Helios with fertility issues. Mgr. et RNDr. Petr Popov, CSc. in his contribution focused on determining the woman’s ovarian reserve based on the detection of AMH, FSH and inhibin B serum levels.

RNDr. Kateřina Wagnerová, Head of the IVF Laboratory, lectured on the topic: The number of transferred embryos and its impact on the success of the IVF cycle.

We would like to thank all doctors and all professional medical staff members for their participation.

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