Convegno nel Sanatorium Helios

Educational seminar

On Thursday, 20.10. 2016 was held a seminar for doctors and health professionals in Sanatorium Helios.

This seminar was titled “Modern methods in vitrification”. The Chief Physician of Sanatorium Helios, Pavel Texl, M. D. explained the importance of using reliable methods of cryopreservation and vitrification. He also introduced Gavi, our world-first instrument that automates key parts of the vitrification process and ensures that embryos are consistently snap frozen – then stores them in an own Gavi pod untilour patients need them.

Gavi was developed by the Australian company Genea, whose license Sanatorium Helios owns. Thank to this cooperation we have been the first in the Czech Republic to begin with vitrification and achieve high success rates in frozen embryo transfers and egg freezing.

Prof. Pavel Trávník, M. D. from Sanatorium Repromeda has shared his experiences from IVF congress in Moscow with the present doctors and health professionals, and Monika Dugátová. M. D. from 1. Clinic of Gynaecologiy and Obstetrics at LFUK UNB in Bratislava devoted her contribution to cross-border health care in reproductive medicine.

We would like to thank all doctors for their interest in our workshop, and we look forward to the next meeting!

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