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Fertility Vision Conference

In Sanatorium Helios we struggle to choose only those methods and procedures, in those which we believe and which have proven to affect a really positive effect on the success of the IVF cycle.

These methods include using GERI and GAVI, which we have used in our laboratories – as the first centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia – since more than three years and so we can evaluate long- term results on large patient groups. 

A lecture on this topic was presented by the Head of the IVF Laboratory – RNDr. Kateřina Wagnerová at the international conference Fertility Vision.

Over 2500 cultivations have shown, that we get more quality embryos in the GERI incubator, with more prosperous pregnancies. Similarly, after comparing the success rate of more than 2,000 cryoembryotransfers, it has been shown that GAVI- vitrified embryos give rise to more pregnancies that develop better than in case of previously used freezing methods.

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