Geri miniinkubátor

GERI Incubators have increased the success rate of embryo culture by 20 %

In our embryological laboratory, we have been using the modern MINI incubators GERI for more than a year. Now we are bringing the results that confirm the benefits of GERI Incubators.

GERI Incubators developed by embryologists of the Clinic Genea meet all the requirements for excellent conditions for the cultivation of embryos. The quality of embryos is strongly influenced by culture media, by the incubators and by the work of embryologists. Cultivating in these incubators itself increases the chance of success, as it has been confirmed by a large group of patients.

The difference between the MINC incubators that we had used earlier and the GERI incubators is the 7 percentage point increase in the value of high quality embryos at the end of cultivation. It can be realistically 1 or even 2 high quality – meaning transfers, which is more than 20% difference.

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