Twin boys Robin and James

Identical twin boys Robin and James

Hello, dear team.. when I was introduced one embryo last January, I was terribly nervous. It was already our second IVF (but the first at Sanatorium Helios). When my doctor called me two weeks later saying congratulations, you’re pregnant, I could hardly believe it 😊 At 7th week of pregnancy I went for an ultrasound to look at the little heart, my doctor was moving the ultrasound from side to side the whole time muttering to himself hmmm, and that’s weird, and then he says here we have a little heart ❤ the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard. Tears of happiness flowed and I was moved. And the doctor says, wait a little longer – here is the second heart ❤ ❤ I was only able to do WHAT??? It was a shock, but absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the 200% success rate because on 9/9/22 we had our identical twin boys Robin and James, our darlings from one embryo and made us the happiest parents in the world.

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