Our love

Hello .. Right now I’m sweetly chilling and someone little is next to me .. He’s holding my finger with his little fist and I know I’ll never feel happier again than now .. he’s resting contentedly next to me and I still can’t believe .. We’ve been waiting for a long time for our love before we came to you and suddenly I felt hope .. ..the things seemed quite desperate, that even after our four angels watching over us, we will not ever become parents .. Unfortunately, none of the embryos was suitable..a sad phone call 😑 which was repeated just another half hour. The next call told us, that one little warrior suddenly “jumped forward” and could be possible that he might be with us..if the nature helps, too… and now our boy and I are still lying next to each other. I can’t believe..the words THANK YOU ♥ ️is very little for what you do .. I know there are a lot of people who condemn..but how much less parents we come to you with a request of hope with faith… All the more we appreciate the fact that we can call ourselves Mom and Dad ❤️❤️ thank you for our boy.

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