Sanatorium Helios


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Štefánikova Street, where the Helios Sanatorium is located

in ZONE B with regulation around the clock – 60 minutes of free parking a day, then CZK 30 for each additional hour.

ZONE B – streets: Štefánikova, Lidická, Pionýrská, Kotlářská, Dřevařská, Bayerova, Hrnčířská etc.

Payment for parking can be made using a mobile app or parking meters or via SMS.


  • Parking meter on the corner of Štefánikova and Dřevařská streets (Across the street and 100m to the right)
  • Payment via SMS

Write an SMS in the form of:

BR space Zone space Vehicle registration number space Time of parking

Send to 902 06

Model example for zone B for 120 minutes: BR B 1B11234 120

120 = parking time in minutes, in zone B you can buy the first 120 minutes for 30 CZK, another 120 minutes for 60 CZK

  • Payment via the ParkSimply mobile application
  • Payment via online parking meter – on the link:

ZONE C – Regulation only overnight from 5 pm till 6 am / 60 minutes of free parking a day, then CZK 20 per each additional hour.

Some of the streets in the surroundings, close to Sanatorium Helios (Skřivanova, Staňkova, Střední, Vnitřní, Rybníček, ..) belong to ZONE C.

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