Seminar "Drugs and Infertility"

Seminar “Drugs and Infertility”

On Thursday, the 15th November 2018, a seminar titled “Drugs and Infertility” took place at Sanatorium Helios. The title lecture was presented by a leading expert in the field of addictology, prim. MUDr. Petr Popov MHA from the Clinic of Addictology of the First Faculty of Medicine and General Hospital in Prague.

There have been presented also the lecturers by experts from Sanatorium Helios prim. MUDr. Pavel Texl (Results of the IVF cycles in Sanatorium Helios) and MUDr. Jakub Texl and MUDr. Jan Šula (Presentation of the activities of the Center of oncological prevention of Sanatorium Helios, and interesting colposcopic findings). The final lecture on “The results of the synergies of SH and AKI in the field of reproductive immunology” was presented by Ing. Alena Debsova from Aki Clinic.

We would like to thank all our doctors for their participation and for the contributions to the expert discussion.

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