Two failed IVFs


I would be very grateful if you help me with the following question. I have been diagnozed with endometriosis two years ago, had two failed IVF protocols, it seems that the main problem is the egg quality. Also have high prolactin level, I’m taking dostinex for that. My doctor prescribed me to take janine (oral contraceptive pill, consisting of progestin – 2 mg and ethinylestradiol – 0,03 mg) for two months. I have also heard about the combination of supplements: myo inositol + curcumin + folate + resveratrol + melatonin. Wouldn’t taking oral contraceptive pill + myo inositol bundle simultaneously contradict each other as contraceptive pill works to suppress the ovulation and myo inositol on the other hand works to improve the egg quality?


Dear Mandy,

contraceptives have the effect of slowing the course of endometriosis. It is unnecessary to take other medicines during you use them. Your eggs have originated at the time of your own development in the womb. Your package, which you are writing about, should rather encourage ovulation and release of the egg. But in the case of IVF, it does not have much importance.

Egg quality is affected by the process of stimulation. It depends on the amount of drugs which are used, on the choice of the drugs and their combination, and in particular also it depends on proceeding the check-ups of the stimulation course. During the stimulation, FSH, LH, E2 levels should be monitored as well as the ultrasound check-ups should be done. What is also really important is the quality of the work in embryology lab of the center.

The success rate of the centers ranges from 15 to 75 %. For the patient it is very difficult to find the truth. If you are repeatedly unsuccessful in one center, then try it elsewhere. We recommend to visit even more centers and listen to what they will say to you. And then you can compare in what they differ.

prim. MUDr. Pavel Texl

Head Team Physician and Managing Director

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