Artificial intelligence in IVF

Artificial intelligence in IVF. There is another possibility to assess the quality of the embryo, not only the evaluation of the eye of an experienced embryologist, PGT examination, but also with the help of so-called artificial intelligence.

social freezing

Social freezing – cryopreservation and storage of oocytes

Julie heard from her friends about the AMH test (anti-Müllerian hormone, which is used to determine the active ovarian reserve – the number of active eggs). „So I thought I’d go get an AMH to find out how I’m doing.” The result was worse than expected. So Julie decided to find out what her options were.



MACS vs. PICSI There are two methods of functional sperm selection, that your doctor may recommend to you: MACS,  magnetically activated cell sorting and PICSI,  a physiological …

MACS or PICSI? Číst více

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